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Referendum Talking Points

Referendum Talking Points

In order to improve Charlotte County Schools, Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) will ask voters to approve a request for an additional 1 mill in property taxes for their operating budget via a referendum in November, 2018.

1 mill is one dollar for every $1000 of assessed value of the property.


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Background Information

Expenses for our schools do not decrease proportionally to the number of students. Whether we have 500 or 600 students at an elementary school, we still need a Principal, Assistant Principal, Secretary, School Nurse, and Custodian, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me?

Why don’t you do a sales tax, make everyone pay, not just home owners?

Is it really needed?

I have no kids in school, how will this benefit me?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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